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So you’re thinking of going on a trek and you’ve got to carry all you kit, and you’re wondering if you’ve got the boots for the job? The following guide will give you some advice and show you what to look for when buying the right boots for backpacking.

North Face Verbera Footwear Range

Hiking/Trekking Boots? Walking Boots? Arghhhhhh!!! Thankfully The North Face Verbera range covers walking and light/heavy trekking.

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mid walking boots

Advice on choosing the best type of walking footwear. Source: Flickr by Janet Ramsden

Would the Proclaimers be willing to walk 500 miles, if after half an hour their boots were rubbing and their soles had just come off right in the middle of a cold wet puddle? I doubt it! Especially as they knew they had to do 500 more!

Joking aside, and it may seem the obvious thing to say, but when buying walking footwear it is vital to get the correct fit and the right shoe or boot for the types of walk that you will be going on.

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Jack Wolfskin LogoIn April this year we were delighted to announce that we had started stocking Jack Wolfskin tents. Now we are excited to be bringing in a great range of Jack Wolfskin products, including rucksacks, outdoor clothing and walking boots. Below is an overview, describing some of the gear in our new range, which can be purchased via our Jack Wolfskin outdoor gear shopping page.

Jack Wolfskin Rucksacks

Our rucksack range includes packs for hiking, mountaineering and cycling.

  • Manufactured from robust lightweight materials, the Jack Wolfskin Alpine Trail 40 incorporates the ACS Tight Carry back system and is suitable for use on single and multi-day hikes.
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Have you looked out of the window today? It’s Friday and it’s raining again!

the river that was a stream

A river bursts its banks in the Lake District. Source: Flickr by twak

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Cheap Tents Celebrating the Queens Diamond Jubilee 2012

The Queens Diamond Jubilee 2012

You will probably have heard about the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations, which luckily for most of us includes 2 bank holidays (4th and 5th June). Many people and communities will be celebrating in different ways, including street parties and bbq’s, others amongst us will use the long weekend to get out hiking and camping for a few days.

Of course here at Cheap Tents we will be doing our bit to join in the celebrations, as you will see next week. We’ll have some special offers for campers and walkers to really help your Jubilee Weekend go well.

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Mobile phones could soon be ‘powered by walking’ according to a recent report on the BBC news website. Boffins at the University of Wisconsin have come up with a technique for generating electricity using a device that is placed in your shoe.

The device captures the energy of moving micro droplets and converts it into electrical current.

View of walking boots from wearer

These lazy feet could be generating electricity! Source: Flickr by goose3five

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Despite the technological advances in comfortable sports foot wear over the past decade or so, there has been a recent shift towards barefoot running. For those who don’t want their feet to get too dirty, Vibram have even brought out the Five Fingers range of footwear. But its not just the world of running that has seen a shift away from high specification footwear. The world of hiking is also seeing a shift back to basics. More and more hikers are abandoning their hiking boots and have begun wearing Dutch Clogs when they’re out on the hills.

Muddy wooden clogs with gaietr

Dutch clogs are the new hiking boots. Source: Wikimedia Commons by Ra Boe.

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This is my first blog post, and though it is not my first attempt to use English I’ll apologise in advance for the incorrect grammar, spelling, typos and general idiocy that this post will surely exhibit!

The point of this particular post is to discuss the Bogle Stroll 2011 that I have signed myself up for. The event is taking place at 7pm on Friday March 4th 2011. The Bogle Stroll 2011 is organised by Manchester RAG (Raise and Give), which is a part of the University of Manchester Students Union, an excellent organisation that oversees and supports charity fundraising by Manchester Students.

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Was to “walk more” a part of your new years resolution? If so you will be joining the many thousands who also share this resolution. However, if this wasn’t your resolution … it is never to late to make a resolution.

Firstly, congratulations on your choice of exercise. Walking can aid health, fitness and can help towards weight control. Walking is also a fantastic way to fit exercise into your daily schedule without too much hassle, it may be as simple as parking your car further away from work each day and walking for an extra few minutes.

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If you’ve been asleep for the past few weeks you may be forgiven for not realising that winter is upon us. With winter generally comes danger for many people, including walkers. Winter is also the time of year when lots of people take up walking as a hobby, thanks to Christmas presents or because they have made a new years resolution to get fit!

Either way, the more walkers, ramblers, hikers and backpackers we have the better. Not only do these groups get fit and stay fit but they also get to enjoy more of our amazing countryside.

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Criterion Sleeping Bags Criterion Sleeping Bags