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Update: We are not currently stocking the RG Delta range. For alternative waterproofs, 3 in 1s and insulated waterproofs please see our men’s jackets and women’s jackets.

Manufacturers, within their own brand will have many different sub-brands or ranges. As consumers and retailers we automatically understand this. If I was to buy something from the Berghaus Extrem or The North Face Summit Series ranges for example, than I would know that I would be buying a product primarily designed for active use in within a mountain environment. As opposed to products outside these ranges which I know will be made to the normal Berghaus/The North Face high standards, but have not necessarily been designed for mountaineering use.

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Jack Wolfskin LogoIn April this year we were delighted to announce that we had started stocking Jack Wolfskin tents. Now we are excited to be bringing in a great range of Jack Wolfskin products, including rucksacks, outdoor clothing and walking boots. Below is an overview, describing some of the gear in our new range, which can be purchased via our Jack Wolfskin outdoor gear shopping page.

Jack Wolfskin Rucksacks

Our rucksack range includes packs for hiking, mountaineering and cycling.

  • Manufactured from robust lightweight materials, the Jack Wolfskin Alpine Trail 40 incorporates the ACS Tight Carry back system and is suitable for use on single and multi-day hikes.
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P-8 Jacket
from The North Face

Update:We are no longer stock the P-8 jacket and instead recommend the Berghaus RG Delta or The North Face Sequence waterproof jackets.

The Men’s Resolve Jacket has for many years been the North Face’s flagship budget lightweight waterproof jacket, ideal for walking, trekking, around town or as a car coat for inclement weather. However, in my opinion the Resolve is starting to look its age, it seems that the North Face may agree as they have brought out the P-8 Waterproof Jacket.

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Mountain Equipment Kongur JacketThe Mountain Equipment Kongur is one of the best waterproof jackets for mountain use available. Fact!

A bargain too at: £233.99 (RRP £260)

The features of the Mountain Equipment Kongur are truly phenomenal. This jacket is made from the latest Pro Shell fabric from GORE, and designed based on  feedback from professional day-in-day-out tests.

The Mountain Equipment Kongur is perfect for the worst conditions imaginable, totally tough, totally weatherproof in the worst Cairngorm storm, at home or on any serious mountaineering trip, and the only waterproof jacket ever to win with a score of 50/50 in Trail Magazine’s famous Ultimate Waterproof test.

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Nikwax Gear Care for outdoor clothingI like Nikwax.  I really do.  I think it is really good value stuff, especially when you consider the value of the outdoor clothing and equipment it protects.

Every so often we like to do a little write-up about the manufacturers of outdoor equipment, simply to show you why we choose to sell the one’s that we do.  And this time, lucky Nikwax has hit the limelight.

Nikwax for Protecting your Gear and Outdoor Clothing

Nikwax helps ensure that your clothing continues to do what it was supposed to well after you bought it. Over time, and wear and tear,

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Granger’s has partnered with Oxfam to promote the recycling of outdoor clothing and equipment through the Fabric4Life campaign.

Oxfam’s Fabric4Life Campaign

Whether a recreational or professional outdoor sports/activity enthusiast, everyone has an old mac or ten tucked in there cupboard not being used. Simply take any old fleece or waterproof garments into any Oxfam high street shop for it to be recycled.

It’s especially great, as something that does not hold much value to one person, hold’s a great deal to another.  Fabric4Life thereore has a great chance of raising a great deal of funds for Oxfam.  Do you have any fleeces, or waterproof jacket or trousers that you no longer use?

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Criterion Sleeping Bags Criterion Sleeping Bags