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Brag about your hike!

Let’s face it, everyone wants to brag about the best walk, hike, scramble, climb or ride they’ve ever been on. Of course this is best done in a country pub over several pints of beer, before wobbling drunkly back to your tent and passing out in a heap on top of your sleeping bag.

When you get home or get back to work you still want to tell everyone what a great adventure you had at the weekend or on holiday. If you’re unfortunate enough to have mates or colleagues who are just not impressed with the great outdoors then it can be a bit frustrating.

You can tell us!

Well its their loss, but the frustration for you is over because you can tell us! We want to know, we’ll be impressed and we’ll be glad to know you’ve had great time out and about. We’d also like to know when you went out walking, got lost in the rain for hours on end and ate your socks in a crazy attempt to keep starvation at bay. You think that’s bad, I know someone who took off their jumper and set fire to it in order to keep warm. No, it wasn’t me.

So let’s have your best and worst tales and adventures please!

Have you been a Numpty?

And don’t forget to own up if you’ve been a numpty, or better still, tell us if you’ve seen someone else making an idiot of themselves!

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