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Therm-a-Rests (or Thermarests) are an industry leading inflatable mattress company, making sleeping mats and associated accessories since the 1970’s.  They have gained this title of industry leader through commitment to innovate and provide solutions for helping backpackers and campers get a good nights sleep at as little weight as possible, and essentially producing groundbreaking technologies to achieve this.

What is a ThermaRest mattress?

Therm-a-Rests are a way of sleeping over night typically on a self-inflating mattress.  You can see a variety of Thermarest mattresses and products – each provides comfort and weight differences for different sorts of users.

How does a Thermarest mattresses self-inflate?

When you open the valve of a Thermarest, the open-celled foam responds by soaking up air, similar to a sponge absorbing liquid. Self-inflation is what makes Thermarest mattresses easy to use and comfortable. Once the mattress has inflated, you can adjust the firmness by adding or letting air out using the valve – it’s that simple.

Why do people use Thermarests?

They are particularly popular with people who enjoy camping and backpacking, as they provide additional comfort and warmth over night – two critical aspects of getting a good night sleep!  They keep you comfortable by raising your body off the ground on a cushion of air and keep you warm by retaining warmth in the insulated mattress.

The New ThermaRest NeoAir for Summer 2009

Cascade Designs, the manufacturers of Thermarests, are touting this new model as the “world’s lightest, most advanced three-season air mattress.”  An exceptional statement from this mattress, making it an exciting prospect for 2009.

Therm-a-Rest NeoAir Mattress

Therm-a-Rest NeoAir Mattress

What makes the NeoAir Pad unique?

The NeoAir mattress / pad will be sold in four sizes, the smallest of which will pack down as small as a 1 litre water bottle and will weigh simply 255 grams (9 ounces) – exciting stuff form minimalist backpackers out there.

Testing the Thermarest NeoAir mattress to international standards apparently found that it had an thermal resistant R-value of 2.5, excellent when compared to other non-insulating air mattresses, which often register with an R-value of 1.

Your Thoughts

What do you sleep on?  Self-inflating mattress?  Inflatable bed?  Roll mat?  Other?  Why do you choose that sort to sleep on? Recommendations? Ideas?

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Criterion Sleeping Bags Criterion Sleeping Bags