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Looking for an indoor climbing wall in the UK?  Near Manchester, Sheffield, Leeds, Warrington, London, Wales, Scotland? Here’s where to find it…

List of Climbing Walls

You can download a list of climbing walls created by the BMC here.  This directory of climbing walls is a fantastic way to keep you engaged in climbing by challenging yourself on new walls in your region, or anywhere across the UK!

Give climbing a go!

Learning to rock climb is often easier indoors, out of the elements, and teamed up with an instructor.  So if you’ve never tried, make sure you book yourslef in for a few lessons and wear the right climbing equipment!

Many climbers live and breathe the sport so we have provided a great range of resources for you to get your teeth stuck into.  Get help and advice right here at out blog and on our outdoor shop’s website, along with interviews with the professionals.

Criterion Sleeping Bags Criterion Sleeping Bags