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Glossary: Dd

D (Denier) measurement

"D" stands for Denier. It's a numbering system for fibers, filaments and yarns, in which the lower numbers are lighter/finer and the higher numbers heavier/coarser, and are sometimes used in the technical descriptions of tents.


D-Doors - tents

D-Doors open to the side of tents to eliminate contact with the ground and thus preventing wear and helping to keep zippers clean. D-Doors can also offer additional venting options too.


DAC Featherlite Aluminum Tent Poles

DAC is a Korean manufacturer, who specialises in making high quality tent poles. DAC Featherlite Poles provide the strong support demanded by some tents while remaining very light in weight. They are often used in ultralight and lightweight tents.


Daisy Chains - Climbing Equipment

Daisy Chains were originally designed for big wall climbing as it is nothing more than a sling that has been sewn together to produce dozens of short loops, allowing the user to adjust the sling to a desired length.

A. Daisy Chains should never be used as a belay equalisation tool by the use of the pockets. A shock load could easily 'pop' a pocket leading to a chain reaction of critical loading.

B. Daisy Chains should never be used as a sling unless it is between the two end pockets only.

Always seek expert advice before a climb.


D Karabiner - Climbing Equipment

Naturally, these karabiners are in the shape of a D and move most of the force onto the spine of the karabiner which is the strongest part making the karabiner stronger - but slightly more expensive.


Denier measurement

Denier is a numbering system for fibers, filaments and yarns, in which the lower numbers are lighter/finer and the higher numbers heavier/coarser, and are sometimes used in the technical descriptions of tents.


Desertweave - Lowe Alpine

Desertweave fabric has been developed in conjunction with Lowe Alpine team of mountain athletes and features an extremely durable nylon woven outer face, a wicking soft-brushed inner and built-in stretch for exceptional comfort whilst your out enjoying the great outdoors. This lightweight soft-shell fabric is wind and water resistant, durable and very breathable. Created exclusively for Lowe Alpine, Desertweave fabrics are perfect for backpackers, trekkers and adventure travellers who need protection against wear, tear and weather anywhere in the world.


  • Exclusive to Lowe Alpine
  • Durable and light in weight
  • Packable and compressible, but crease resistant and non-iron.
  • UPF sun-protection rated
  • Ultra quick-drying

Double Baby Rip - Berghaus

An ultra lightweight, high density nylon woven fabric with a single diagonal weave resulting in excellent wear resistance - used in a variety of outdoor gear especially rucsacks.


Double Storm Flapped Zips

A double storm flap, secured by snap studs and hook/loop, shields zips from wind and rain. The zip is two-way, so you can open the waterproof jacket progressively from top or bottom to aid ventilation where you want it.


Down Fill Power

The fill power rating for down is an indication of the down used to 'loft', and is often used in the description of sleeping bags and insulated jackets. The number given (e.g. 600+ down fill power) is the amount of volume one ounce of down will fill in cubic inches. In addition to being lighter and more compressible for the same warmth rating, which is naturally very important to people carrying their sleeping bag each day on a hike or expedition.

Higher quality down will retain its loft for longer, with Eastern European (especially Polish) down producers creating what is regarded to be the best down available on the market today. Fill Power is often graded between 600 (necessary for typical cold or variable weather) and 900 (necessary for extreme cold weather).


DryGuy System - Tents

A tent with the DryGuy system includes guy lines that will not wick, freeze or hold water like webbing guy-outs.


Dry mesh and nylon lining

Comfortable and fast drying lining to protect waterproof membrane

Dry Zone

Dry Zone's garment technology maps and identifies areas vulnerable to moisture build-up from high-activity outdoor sports and helps the moisture escape more efficiently, increasing comfort. The fabric has a more open knit that allows fabric to escape faster, improving comfort. Dry Zone has also been designed to seamlessly accommodate the different needs of men and women too across a range of different Lowe Alpine products.
Lowe Alpine Dry Zone

Dupont 700D Cordura

700 denier texturised nylon face fabric, and used in daysacs and rucsacks.

Dupont Cordura 700D walking gear

Dupont Cordura 1000

DuPont's special 1000 denier texturised nylon fabric. Identical to Ardura 1000 but with a softer feel. Used in the Berghaus Mule bag range.

Dupont Cordura 1000 walking equipment

Dupont Thermolite

Dupont Thermolite is a Polyester glove insulation with maximum warmth for minimum bulk - providing a versatile and nimble glove for fiddly jobs on your walk.

Dupont Thermolite walking gear

Dupont Thermolite Active

Dupont Thermolite Active is a high performance Thermolite insulation with improved moisture resistance and quick dry time. Made from 80% pre-consumer recycled polyester.

Dupont Thermolite Active

Dupont Thermolite Base

Dupont Thermolite Base is a durable, fast wicking, next to skin base layer glove fabric - removing moisture from your hands and keeping you comfortable when in the great outdoors.

Dupont Thermlite Base walking gear

Durashield - MSR

A durable, polyurethane waterproof coating used by MSR on some of their tent and shelter flysheets. Durashield offers superior resistance to moisture-induced breakdown.


DWR (Durable Water Repellent)

Durable Water Repellent finishes are coatings applied to fabrics in order to make them water-resistant by causing water to bead up and roll off fabrics, rather than soaking into them. Durable water repellents are often used in conjunction with breathable waterproof clothing such as Gore-Tex to prevent the outer layer of a breathable laminated waterproof from becoming saturated with water. Maintaining the Durable Water Repellency is critical to maintaining the breathable nature of breathable waterproof outerwear.

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