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Glossary: Nn


NEO KT 1800

This fabric provides improved abrasion resistance and long-term durability.


Nuts – Climbing Equipment

Nuts are a means to create a temporary anchor in a rock face. They are simply a small block of metal attached to a loop of cord or wire. The most popular styles are tapers and Hexcentrics. Nuts are used by simply wedging them into narrowing cracks in the rock, then giving them a tug to set them.


Nut tool / Nut key – Climbing Equipment

A nut tool is used to extract ‘Nuts’ from cracks in the rock as some can not be extracted so easily by hand – this is especially the case when the nut has supported a climber's weight or taken a fall. A nut tool is made from a flat piece of sheet steel which about 20cm long, with a hook at one end and the other end shaped into a handle.

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