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Adventure Centre Ltd Caring About You

Adventure Centre Ltd are committed to offering the best service to our users. The data which Adventure Centre Ltd collects is done so in occrance with the UK Data Protection Act 1998 and in complicant with the W3C P3P Privacy Policy Guidelines. Further to this all personal data collected by Adventure Centre Ltd is used in complicance with the Privacy & Electronic Communications Act 2003.

This page outlines the data which we collect, the purposes of collection and the length of time for which data is kept. Please note this page is for reference only and although unlikely to change may do so without prior warning, any changes will be outlined and dated at the foot of this page.

What, Why & When?

We collect 3 levels of data, dependant on the user. Some data is collected from all users, and other data dependant on data you submit to us.

Everyone - The Cookie
Adventure Centre Ltd asks each visitors browser (e.g. Internet Explorer) to hold a "cookie". A cookie is like a token, it means that you can carry data from one page to another, so if you add something to the basket it is this cookie which allows you to move around the site and come back to your shopping cart without loosing data. These cookies come in several forms and often the length of their existance depends on your browser settings. Typically a cookie will last a session, a visit to the website, though they can last up to 60 days. (if you want to remove your past cookies click here to see Google's instructions on how to do so).

When you visit us we pass several cookies, one for the use above and another to track you, don't worry we don't mean this in a scary way. Put simply we use this second cookie for analytics and statistics in order to help us refine our website and ensure the experience of visitors is as good as it can be. This "tracking cookie" is given by Google Analytics, you can view their Terms of Service here. As part of this analytical tracking we collect the following data as standard; IP Address, Browser (and version), Operating System (name only), Your Location (based on IP address), Screen size, whether you have 3rd party scripts (eg JavaScript) enabled and what pages you view and for how long. We do not connect this data with your personal details such as name and e-mail address at any time.

We also use the Google Analytics cookie, along with the Google DoubleClick cookie, for the purposes of re-marketing. This enables us to display our adverts to you when you visit websites in the Google Display Network. The particular adverts we may show will depend upon anonymous data collected on your usage of our website. Please see below for general information about re-marketing.

Adventure Centre Ltd check your browser each time you visit our website for "Do Not Track" messages. These are set within your internet browser privacy options or by browser exstensions such as the Google Analytics Opt-out Plugin. This plugin will prevent our Analytics provider, Google, from tracking your visit to our website.

Please see below for information about third party cookies on Adventure Centre Ltd's website

Adventure Centre Ltd Membership - E-Newsletters

This concerns the data which Adventure Centre Ltd collect on our website membership forms ONLY and not those who opt-in at checkout.

Website Only - Not Checkout Sign Ups
We currently collect the name and e-mail of the user signing up to our membership. We use MailChimp as our e-marketing system supplier and as such they hold all these details externally to Adventure Centre Ltd. All details are safe, secure and will NEVER be passed or sold on to a third party vendor. MailChimp will also collect your IP address on signup for verification purposes.

Previous Member Signups - Prior to 24/11/2010
Adventure Centre Ltd has previously asked for further details on membership signups, including phone number, postal code, full address and several other items. All this "surplus" data has been deleted from our systems, leaving only the data we collect currently.

Uses of this Members data
The data collected for membership via our website is used only for sending Electronic Newsletters by Adventure Centre Ltd using our current service provider MailChimp. All data is "double opt-in" meaning you must confirm your subscription by clicking a link we send in a first e-amil, this ensure it was you signing up and that you give us permission to send you e-newsletters. You may unsubscribe to these e-newsletters by clicking "unsubscribe" on any e-mail we send out. Until the point of un-subscription or none bi-annual resubscription we will use your details as described above.

Our sign up procedure has been created in line with industry standards and also meets complicane with the CAN-SPAM act. We also go further than this by complying with all the standards which MailChimp set, view the MailChimp Privacy Policy here.

Transactional Customers - Buying from Adventure Centre Ltd

This section of the privacy policy concerns those whom enter any data at checkout ONLY.

Primary Data Collection
Adventure Centre Ltd collects the following data from all cutsomers, this is considered primary data as a transaction cannot be made without this data and also as this data is considered to be of high value.

We collected the following primary data: name, billing address, billing postal code, billing e-mail, products (and details thereof) ordered. Our Payment Service Provider collects this same data plus also collects your billing card details, to which Adventure Centre Ltd has limited access only.

Secondary / Optional Data
Adventure Centre Ltd also collect optional data such as telephone number, a delivery address (where not the billing address), a membership number (or promo code) and the method by which you found the Adventure Centre Ltd website.

Use of Transactional Detail
Adventure Centre Ltd uses the details outlined above to process only the transaction made on the given visit. Adventure Centre Ltd will also where appropriate collate such data as to make it available such that you may view previous order details, track a current order or other such purposes. This data may be kept upto 6 years from the last point at which the user account is considered active. This is to say if you make a transaction today and in 3 years yourorder today would be available in 9 years minus 1 days, unless another otder is placed after the order in the 3rd year.

Transactional Customers E-Newsletter
Adventure Centre Ltd offers all customers a chance to signup to our customer-only e-newsletter, this is seperate and in addition to the membership newsletter outlined above. By signing up for this newsletter you will receive a monthly newsletter, this service is again supplied by MailChimp. MailChimp in this instance will only store your e-mail address. After signing up you may unsubscribe at any point by clicking "unsubscribe" in any e-mail we send out, please note this is a single opt-in list where the tick box at checkout indicates your wishes and completeing the transaction confirms your wish to subscribe or not. All data is kept by MailChimp until such time as you unsubscribe.

Who can access your data?

Adventure Centre Ltd holds all data securely, this means there is very limited access to your data. Below are the circumstance under which your data may be accessed.

Other Websites

External Links

From time to time the Adventure Centre Ltd website and the CheapTents Outdoor Gear Blog may contain links to external websites. Adventure Centre Ltd are in no way responsible for these websites and content thereof, these sites will contain seperate terms and conditions, privacy policy and other such legalities.

Third Party Cookies

In order to provide exciting and useful content we sometimes use widgets supplied by third parties. These widgets may use cookies in order for them to function. They may also use cookies to collect anonymous tracking data. If you do not wish to allow third party cookies on your computer you can disable them by following the instructions below. Disabling third party cookies may mean that third party widgets on our website will no longer function.

Below is a list of third party widget providers that use cookies on the Adventure Centre Ltd website and the CheapTents Outdoor Gear Blog. To view their privacy policies please click on the links. You may also be able to opt-out of receiving their cookies.

Instructions on how to turn off third party cookies

If you wish to block all third party cookies you can do so using your browser options, as below. This may stop some features on some websites from working.

Internet Explorer
click Tools > Internet Options > Privacy > Advanced. Select Block under Third-party Cookies and click OK twice.

Click the three short horizontal lines icon in the top-right corner of the browser, click Options > Privacy. In the "History" drop down menu select "Use Custom Settings for History". In the "Accept third-party cookies" drop down menu select "Never". Click OK.

Google Chrome
Click the three short horizontal lines icon in the top-right corner of the browser, click Settings and a browser page will open. Click "Show Advanced Settings" at the bottom of the page. Under "Privacy" click Content Settings. Under Cookies check "Block third party cookies and site data."


Re-Marketing, behavioural or interest based advertising is when a particular advert is displayed to you based on your internet browsing activity. It allows advertisers to deliver adverts to you which reflect your interests.

The European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance (EDAA) have created a website called "Your Online Choices" through which you can find out more about behavioural advertising and control which companies use behavioural advertising on your browser. Follow this link to find out more about and opt-out of Google's interest based adverts.


Adventure Centre operates under the legislation, jurisdiction and courts of the United Kingdom.

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