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Adventure Centre Ltd Caring About Our Customers

Adventure Centre know how important it is that we secure and handle any data your provide us with correctly. We know that whether you are buying something for 99p or 999 you want to know that your details and the transaction is safe and secure. Adventure Centre ensure this by using a 256 bit encryption system to secure each and every transaction. You can read more about this encryption below. With this system in place you can rest assured that shopping with Adventure Centre is safe and secure.

Encryption of this style uses what is called a SSL (which has a certificate of authenticity). SSL means Secure Socket Layer, this is a protocol used on our servers for security, this combined with our unique certificate means that all the data you enter at checkout is transmitted in the most secure method possible online. You can tell when you are on a secured page as you will see a padlock next to the website address and the address will begin with https and not http.

Making a Payment with Adventure Centre

When you purchase at any shop online you will find that the website uses a Payment Service Provider (PSP) for taking payments. Some common examples of PSP's are PayPal, Google Checkout, SagePay, SellerDeck Payments and World Pay. Our choosen PSP is SellerDeck Payments, all payments made to Adventure Centre are currently made via this provider. By using SellerDeck Payments we ensure your security further as we only have access to certain details of your order, for example we can only access part of your credit card number.

On our checkout you will enter your personal details first. Then you will be asked to enter your payment card details on a SellerDeck Payments webpage, which is secured using SSL. The address for this page is .

After you have entered your details and submitted your order, dependant on card type you will be asked to verify your credentials. We do this using Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode (links to official websites below). By using these verification tools we aim to minimise the risk of fraud both to yourself and ourselves. These services are not a tool used by ourselves, or SellerDeck Payments, rather they are a tool created by Visa and MasterCard in conjunction with most banks worldwide.

What is SSL?

As breifly described about SSL is a particular protocol used by web servers to encrypt data about to be transferred (or decrypt when recieving data). To encrypt data being transferred across the internet securely you must use a SSL certificate, this certificate provides a unique "handshake" code by which the server will encrypt your data before transfer. The provider of the certificate will then provide the receiving server with a "handshake" identical to the one from the server sending data, in doing so allowing for decryption of the data. When you enter data into your web browser and hit "submit" we also use encryption to secure your data getting to our servers.

SellerDeck Payments use a 256-bit Extended Validation SSL certificate secured by GlobalSign, double click the padlock on a secure page to verify this certificate.

PCI DSS Complicance

Adventure Centre complies with all standards setout by payment card providers in order to meet PCI DSS Compliancy. You can read about our privacy policy here.

What is PCI DSS?

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a set of global and industry-wide requirements, which are supported by all international payment card systems. PCI DSS was created by Visa and MasterCard in 2004. PCI DSS is now owned and managed by an independent industry organisation (the PCI Security Standards Council), made up of representatives from all stakeholders in the card industry: banks, service providers, vendors, retailers and businesses. Today, Visa Europe & Mastercard continues to lead the industry with new guidelines on the adoption of Data Field Encryption solutions to support PCI DSS compliance and keep cardholder data secure. Used properly, Data Field Encryption can rapidly improve security.

Resources of Interest

Verified by Visa - Official Site
MasterCard SecureCode - Official Site
SellerDeck Payments - Our Payment Provider

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